Mrs. Nebraska 2003

Olivia Nalos Opre

Sidney, NE

      Because her greatest passion is to educate the public about the important role hunters play as stewards of nature, Olivia's platform is to promote hunters as stewards of renewable wildlife resources.  But she's not just a talker, she is a huntress, hunting big game in countries such as: Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the lower 48.
   She recently established the Nebraska Panhandle Safari Club International Chapter where she currently serves as chapter president.  She is also a measurer for Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, Rowland Ward, and a Master Measurer for SCI.   It goes without saying that she is involved with the hunting industry in many capacities.
   This adventurous worldwide huntress found herself competing for the Mrs. Nebraska title because it gave her an opportunity to speak out on behalf of the international hunter, as well as allow her to empower women to strive for excellence through hard work, determination, eloquence, and grace.
   As Olivia said in her voice-over for the state evening gown competition, "Nebraska gives me the feeling of freedom, and familiarity; it is the essence of family values, honesty, and hard work ethic.  This is what our forefathers intended our country to be like, and I could only be so honored to represent Nebraska."  Needless to say, she is a passionate woman who stands strong to her convictions.

(photos below)

Contestants take a break from all the rehearsals.

2003 Contestants receive free gift packs from Jafra cosmetics representative, Barbara Malm.

Contestants take a photo opportunity just after the Interview portion of the pageant.

Olivia and contestants practice for their opening number.

Still practicing...

Finally the show has begun and all that practice was worth it.

Olivia during the Physical Fitness competition.

Contestants during the Evening Gown competition.

Olivia during the Evening Gown competition.

Final question portion for Olivia.

Olivia is presented the Physical Fitness Award by Jeff Ellsworth.

Olivia is the winner of the first ever "Dream Body" Award sponsored by Trim Spa.

Olivia is our new 2003 Mrs. Nebraska.

Olivia after winning.

Olivia poses with her panel of judges.

Olivia and Sherri Ellsworth, Mrs. Nebraska 2002.

Olivia joins all the former crown holders present at this years pageant.

A Kodak moment with "Elvis", Jeff Ellsworth.

Elvis and the 2003 contestants and Mrs. Nebraska 2003 and 2002.

Mrs. Nebraska 2003 and her court.

 Carmelita de la Guardia, First Runner-Up and Olivia.

Mrs. Nebraska 2003, Olivia Angelloz.

Olivia presents her state gift (Cabela's Book) to Peter Schall (VP of Hilton) at the dignitaries dinner.

Contestants just before they begin the Aloha Parade.

Governor's luncheon - Olivia and 2002 Mrs. America - Kristi Phillips.

Evening Gown Preliminaries

Olivia represents a huntress in her state costume.

Swimsuit Preliminaries

2003 Mrs. America delegates in Hawaii.

Several former title holders and 2003 contestants celebrate "Dinner with the Queen" in November.

Autograph signing in November at Roger's Jewelers Brilliant Sale in Lincoln.  Olivia pictured with Joe Davis and the Roger's Jewelers staff.

Olivia with Joe Davis, DJ from 95 Rock Radio Station in Lincoln, at the live remote of Roger's Jewelers Brilliant Sale.

An article about Olivia appears in the Dec. 2003 issue of Texas Fish and Game.

Olivia in Octoberfest parade.

Olivia will be signing autographs of her February NRA Woman's Outlook magazine cover at Wal-Marts across Nebraska.

Olivia with 2004 contestants and Mrs. Nebraska staff.



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